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Candle "Les étamines" "Ô Fleur Divine"

Delicious, heady and very flowery perfume

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Delicious, heady and very flowery carnation perfume.

Perfumed candle " Les étamines "

Perfume: "Ô Fleur Divine"

Heady and powerful perfume with carnation as main touch.

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Natural soya wax - 200 gr.

Duration of the combustion: more than 40 hours.

Glass packaging and gift box, golden pompom.

Cotton wick 

Size of the glass: diam. 80 X high 89 mm

Size of the gift box: 108 X 108 mm. High 120 mm

Total weight: 698 GR.

The quantity of perfume used in this candle is higher than average.

We refuse to use paraffin wax stemming from petrol which releases toxic matter.

Scenting your interior with the ISABELLE EN TOURAINE perfumed candle collection becomes a ritual which gives wellness and serenity!

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