The collections « ISABELLE EN TOURAINE » are inspired by our national and local history.

We carefully pay attention to all details like the perfume, the packaging, the burning to reach the best quality for an affordable price.

Most of the production steps are made in our workshop, in France.

We can personalize all our products.


The quantity of perfume used in our candles is higher than average.

Isabelle and Philippe Galliot, creator and decorator in the region of Tours, pay a lot of attention to the quality of the products and perpetuate the “French art de vivre”


We refuse to use paraffin wax stemming from petrol which releases toxic matter.


Our candles are made in the workshop in Cinq Mars La Pile with natural wax like soya and colza.


Scenting your interior with the ISABELLE EN TOURAINE perfumed candle becomes a ritual which gives wellness and serenity.