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Candle "Les Cinq Mars" Vanille et Tonka

Perfumed candle in a hand-painted ceramic jar with gold leaves by Philippe Galliot. Natural soya wax. Fragrance: Vanille et Tonka. Presented in a gift box.

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Perfume: Vanille et Tonka

Hot and round vanilla touches are linked with the Tonka beans.

Also, we can find a dried hay touch.

Natural soya wax - 300 gr.

Duration: more than 60 hours.

HAND-PAINTED ceramic jar and LID. decorated with gold leaves.

Size of the Jar: diameter: 85mm. High : 150 mm.

Cotton wick

Size of the present box: 107 X 107 mm. High 172 mm

Weight without the box: 680 gr

Total weight: 936 gr.

We refuse to use paraffin wax stemming from oil and releasing toxic matter.

Our candles are made with natural wax such as soya or beeswax.


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Use advices.

Do not use in a draught.

Do not use less of half an hour and more than 3 hours.

Regulary cut the wick (when it's over than 6) to extend the life of your candle and avoid so the production of black smoke.

Keep away from children


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