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Candle "Mon Petit Shoot". Bourbon Vanilla

An olfactive flash for 4 mild evenings*. ISABELLE EN TOURAINE is a french handcraft workshop of scented candles.

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An olfactive flash for 4 mild evenings* for this candle with 3 wicks for a fast dispersion of the scent.

perfum: Bourbon vanilla

natural soya wax (GMO - free)  and perfum of Grasse in France

aluminium box diameter 86 mm. high 28 mm

Duration: 9 hours

*Directions for use:

Use your candle per 2 hours and 15 minutes period.

Not to blow on the candle to extinguish it, but pose the lid as an extinguisher on the candle box. To let cool then screw up the lid.

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